Buenos Aires City

Buenos Aires is capital city of Argentina. It is the largest city in the country. Spread over the area of about 78.5 sq miles, this city is the most populated and recognized metro city with a population of over thirteen million citizens. Buenos Aires city is thought to be the commercial, financial, cultural, industrial and political capital of Argentina.

Buenos Aires is often known as Paris of South America. This huge capital city boasts astounding beautiful and architecture buildings which make it look like among the most contemporary cities in that region. Buenos Aires derived its name from a sanctuary which is positioned in Cagliari, Sardinia known as the Nostra Signora di Bonaria. It means the fair winds in Spanish.

Buenos Aires City The inhabitants of Buenos Aires are known as the Portenos. A greater part of the population living in the metropolitan has its birth in cities Italy and Spain. Other than these, there are people from the other European cities which include Portugal, Germany, Poland, France, England, Ireland, Croatia and Wales. Some other major communities residing in this city are Arabs, Jewish, Japanese, Armenians, Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. Around ninety percent of the people in Buenos Aires are Roman Catholics. The official speaking language of this city is Spanish.

Buenos Aires city has a very high humid sub tropical weather. While in the winters the temperatures may go below the freezing point, in summers they can even reach up to the temperatures of about 40 degrees. Therefore, the preeminent time to visit this beautiful place is during the springs.

The capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a very remarkable tourist destination which offers a lot of cultural attractions and a great amount of glimpse of the urban multi-ethnic life in Argentina. This place has a lot of different tourist attractions and attracts millions of tourist every year. The most finest and remarkable attraction in this beautiful city is Teatro Colon which is among the worlds best opera houses. Some other famous attractions in this city are the City Hall, University of Buenos Aires, a lot of museums and the buildings of Argentine National Congress.

Buenos Aires being the capital city of Argentina is brilliantly connected to the rest of the world. It has great transportation that links the city globally. This city offers a lot of shopping options to the tourist. Many big malls and other local markets cater the needs of the tourist.

So, a tour to this fantastic city wont be disappointing at all!